We provide full claim management relating to the following:


→  Fire

→  Smoke

→  Water

→  Storm

→  Burglary

→  Oil Leaks

→  Subsidence

→  Burst Pipes

→  Global Property Damage

→  Loss of Profits

→  Defective Workmanship

→  Professional Indemnity Issues

→  Cyber Insurance


In addition, we look after all the relevant paperwork and/or meetings. Even if your insurers have refused your claim, do not despair. We have managed to obtain successful results for many clients’ claims when it was thought that all was lost.

Flood Claims

Whether the water damage comes from a pipe, river or roof, the correct managemen

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A high-powered businessman client was a meticulous record keeper. Every time he

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Entitlement to Alternative Accommodation

A lady telephoned us in great distress. Her house was suffering from subsidence

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Breach of Policy Warranty

An elderly couple living in Dublin returned home one evening to find the back do

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